Solving Document Chaos with Enterprise Technology

Hardin County Bank

Close the Right Loans Faster

Hardin County Bank shortened the time it takes to process a loan while ensuring the safety of all data collected

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DoxTek Cloud

The Advantage of our Cloud

  • First month ROI
  • No capital expense
  • Free up IT Resources

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AP Process Streamlined Saving Time and Money

CUWCD improves Accounts Payable Process through ERP integration and remote access keeping projects on time and budget.

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Customer Satisfaction Rating

99.6% Customer Support Satisfaction Rating

DoxTek’s Formula for Success: (Tier 3 Technicians + Advanced Ticketing System) * Customer Centric Culture = Delighted Customers for Years to Come

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Process Transcripts Quickly and Accurately

WGU Transcript Evaluations time reduced from 14 to 3 days while collecting 40% more data.

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Net Promoters Score (NPS)

75.8% - DoxTek's Net Promoter Score

The most loved companies in the world achieve between 50 and 80 on the NPS scale.

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Natural Gas Company

Gas Company Protects Employees and Emergency Responders Through ECM Solution

Gas Company delivers timely information, helping all parties make the best decisions regarding critical infrastructure maintenance and repair.

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Creating Clarity From Chaos

Mountains of information move through your office every day. People from inside and outside of your organization need that data so they can make good decisions. Every request slows you down and the flow of information does not stop.

You know there is a better way to organize the chaos and create clarity for everyone, if you only had the time and tools to do it.

DoxTek can help.

DoxTek helps your business succeed through customizing world-class software from Kofax, EMC and OnBase that automatically captures and distributes critical information so your whole company prospers.

How Our Clients Have Managed The Chaos

Western Governors University (WGU) Registrar's Office - Transcript Scanning Solution

Western Governors University (WGU) Registrar's Office - Transcript Scanning Solution

DoxTek’s customized solution reduced transcript evaluation time by nearly 500% (from 14 days down to just 3 days) and it sped up the admissions process which increasing WGU enrollment!
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Zions Bancorporation Enterprise Scanning Solution

Zions Bancorporation Enterprise Scanning Solution

Securely automate handling of signature cards and other banking processes in flexible enterprise-wide solution
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