Central Utah Water Conservancy District Improves AP Process

CUWCD improves Accounts Payable Process through ERP integration and remote access keeping projects on time and budget

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Natural Gas Company

Natural Gas Company improves information access and compliance

Enterprise-wide document management solution increases compliance, simplifies audits and informs emergency responders.

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At DoxTek, we create technology solutions that work.

Whether you need a better data capture system, are struggling to manage content, or simply have less-than-efficient business processes, we are honored to provide the very best products and services to fill your needs – while minimizing implementation and operational headaches.

When you succeed, so do we.

If you break down the miracle that is the human brain you see that the grandeur is in the brain’s ability to recognize information and get that information where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

When that happens well, the whole body prospers.

Your business is no different—or it shouldn’t be any different.

DoxTek helps your business succeed through customizing world-class software from Kofax and OnBase that manages and distributes critical information so your whole company prospers.

It is possible to reach the potential you know exists. We’ve helped other great companies in banking, energy, higher education and commerce reach that pinnacle. We can help you as well. May we show you how?

Recognize, process, decide and act, securely and efficiently.  DoxTek

Recognize: Capture information from documents or photos just like your eyes recognize characters and words.  Combining OCR scanners and customized world-class software to move information from paper to digital files.

Process: Understand what the information means and why it is important—without making a set of human eyes review it.

Decide: Use your company’s existing processes to get the information to the people who need it—accurately and on time.

Act: When your people have the right information they can act in a way that helps both your company and your clients prosper.

DoxTek Cloud Solutions

We understand that one of the highest hurdles you face in implementing another information 
system is the time requirement on your IT department. Regardless of how great a solution it is,
there just isn't time to train a primary and an alternate system administrator, let alone add 
those duties to an already full plate. 

Others may say that your IT department simply needs to get another plate. We strongly disagree!

We designed our DoxTek Cloud Services to compliment your IT department, not bury it. Our 
world-class engineers host, upgrade and maintain our servers and storage so that your 
IT department doesn't have to. Your IT professionals have enough to do, and we want to 
make sure they are working for you, not for us.

Don't wait three years for ROI, DoxTek Cloud Services provide ROI this year.

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