As DoxTek grows year over year, so does our Annual User Training Conference. This is our 6th year holding the DoxTek User Conference in Salt Lake City and we are thankful for all those who participated in 2017. DoxTek has a core value of “Continuous Improvement” and we believe holding this type of event supports that value. Participants were able to explore the ways their DoxTek solution could help their organization improve with the help of cutting-edge document management technology.

In case you missed this year’s conference, below is a summary of the sessions. If you would like to receive a copy of any session recordings please complete the form at the end of this article. Thank you again for another successful event and we look forward to seeing you at our next Annual User Training Conference!


Breakout Session Highlights: November 1, 2017 | Salt Lake City

Welcoming Remarks: State of the Industry

  • Michael Miles, DoxTek’s CEO and President, began the conference by addressing the group to share the state of the industry. He explained how the needs of organizations are shifting and how technology providers are adjusting to that shift.

OnBase Training Resources

  • Craig Young, Director of Engineering at DoxTek, shared all the resources OnBase offers. Some of the resources he explored were where eLearning for end users is available, Sections of the Onbase website allows users to try out several sandbox solutions and products in the cloud, and OnBase events like CommunityLive and TechQuest. Young also shared several DoxTek resources like shadowing an engineer during implementation, specified training, demos, and DoxTek events.

What’s New In OnBase 17

  • Tom Grucza, a Product Evangelist from Hyland, went through several of the enhancements made in the OnBase 17 upgrade. Grucza shared how the OnBase user experience has been improved, from usability improvements to a modern look and feel. Users have more capability to customize dashboards, export dashboard items, display geolocation maps, and access OnBase via mobile devices. He also explored the administrative tools that were enhanced, including increased flexibility in formatting Unity Forms and an improved user experience in Capture. There are over 9,000 changes in OnBase 17 and we appreciate Mr. Grucza sharing a portion of those in “What’s New In OnBase 17”.

Customer Spotlight: Contract Management

  • Jed Robison, Project Manager at AgReserves and one of our Customer Spotlights, presented on their Contract Management Solution.  Jed and his team have transformed their previously paper heavy contract system, into a more user-friendly, automated process. They began this project by creating notifications that would be sent when a task or obligation from a contract was due or almost due. This helped keep both participants in the contract accountable and decreased the time it took to execute a contract. Robison also shared some of the upcoming projects AgReserves is working on that will continue to improve their contract management system.

Keynote: ABBYY Highlight

  • Craig Laue, ABBYY‘s Senior Director of Sales, discussed the advantages of Advanced Capture technology and the ways it can save organizations time and money. Laue highlighted the advanced capture product FlexiCapture that allows organizations to scan a document, have it automatically classified, recognized, verified by operators if necessary, transferred into highly structured data, and then exported into databases or back-end applications.

Preparing for Projects

  • Dallas Proctor, DoxTek’s Support & Project Manager, discussed ways each organization can prepare for IT projects.  First, it was determined that a project is temporary in nature, has specific goals, has a clear start/end date, and has dedicated funding. Proctor emphasized the importance of investing in the planning process and “just getting on with the project” can be a recipe for failure. Communication plans are also vital to the success of a project. Communication strategies can be simple or sophisticated but they need to answer, “Who needs to know?”, “What do they need to know?”, and “When do they need to know it?”. Proctor left us with several pieces of advice including: know what you are trying to accomplish/build, keep focused on the milestones/outcomes, over communicate, react early to issues, have both a managerial and technical sponsor, recognize your team & celebrate your successes, and finally, learn from each project.

Exploring OnBase ShareBase

  • Ryan Flynn, Account Manager from Hyland, and Tom Grucza demonstrated the benefits and features of ShareBase by OnBase. Their demo showcased the flexibility of ShareBase and the benefits of having a controlled sharing tool which helps users gain visibility, retain control, and access information from anywhere using mobile devices. If your organization has implemented both OnBase and ShareBase together, you have access to a completely automated sharing tool where the entire content lifecycle can be tracked and managed.

Customer Spotlight: Process Automation

  • Cristina Neilson, Records Analyst at Duchesne County, shared how their offices have been automating processes with enterprise technology for years. Their goal was to utilize their OnBase solution across as many government offices as possible and automate processes across Duchesne County. Before implementing their DoxTek solution, Duchesne County had a paper-heavy process that required employees to waste time locating documents to do their jobs. After upgrading their system to OnBase, they have seen a decrease in manual tasks and they have been able to find uses for OnBase in the Recorder’s office, the Assessor’s Office, the Land Management office and many more!

Closing Remarks and Customer Awards

  • Dwayne Ritchie, DoxTek’s EVP of Sales, closed the conference by awarding two select customers the Innovation Award and the Excellence in Training Award. Each year DoxTek recognizes customers for their innovative solutions and their commitment to proving training to their end users.  This year the Innovation award was given to Duchesne County for their creative problem solving and ability to continually strive for improvements. The Excellence in Training Award was given to AgReserves for their extensive training schedule with end-users. Ritchie closed the conference with the hope to see customers next year!

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Author: Amanda Horton - Marketing Coordinator, DoxTek

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